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Oh. I don't think there's anything to worry about. What I think Julie meant by it is Jeremy's going to be rightfully angry and hurt, which I know a lot of people wanted for Beremy next season. The big part about what she said is that Jeremy is going to be annoyed when everyone tells him he should move on. I think Beremy's chances are still higher than anything else. We'd really have to watch before losing all hope. And this is the s/l some of us wanted. It definitely doesn't mean the end. :)


I’m still not sure nonnie.  I just watched the video of Julie’s comments and it still doesn’t look good.  I just posted my thoughts on it in the tag, if you want to take a look and get back to me.

Melanie, you know you’re that person right? The one that always thinks of the worst when it comes to beremy spoilers. I know season 3 did this to you. but let’s seee the rest of the spoilers that comes out. stop reading body language. We’ll have to wait and see. you might be or you could be completely wrong. You thought they were breaking up a lot in s5 after spoilers


You know what?…….. 

At this point I can’t even root for Amber because she does not know how to keep her fucking mouth closed. Just be wise and keep your information to yourself!! She is just too trusting, and this is just not the game for her. She is so clueless that they are planning to backdoor her, its so painful to watch. Also how Cody is just using her uugghhhh!!!! 

All I can hope is that you win the POV honey, good luck, because you need it!



She is not made for this game.  She is just to nice and to much of a sweetheart. She should be on amazing race, she would be good on there.   


this is hot

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I just want Amber to hear the way they talk about her once. Just once. So she can stop cleaning up after these bitches and stop cooking them food. They are the worst. And when they go home to live their little lives where they are dissatisfied with themselves (Cough cough Christine you potato faced bitch) I want them to remember that this boss ass bitch is still winning, no matter how much shit they talk about her


no matter how much shit they talk about her she’ll still wake up better than their fugly dirty low down asses 


She is the nicest person. I would understand them talking about her game because I feel like she really isn’t playing. But like wishing she would die and calling her a bitch I just don’t know why it’s happening

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I wonder if the Joseph and Persia tags are a mess.


Joseph Morgan marries Persia White in Jamaica [x]


I hate every guy in the house except Donny they are all like the stereotypical frat boy “bro” it’s so annoying


learning to love every inch of my body 


learning to love every inch of my body